Including protection from data loss or corruption caused by user error, malware, and hardware failure.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions Are Not All Created Equal

Are you 100% sure you could recover from data loss?

Businesses today are constantly challenged with data and critical application threats which result in downtime and can bring businesses to a grinding halt. But with UNG's Business Continuity solutions, you can make downtime and data loss a thing of the past starting today.

Get back up and running after a disaster, or any data loss event

  • 100% Managed – there is nothing for you to do
  • Delivered as a complete service, so there’s no expensive equipment or software to buy or maintain
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Scheduled detailed reporting gives you peace of mind
  • Image-based
  • Dual backup agents
  • Instantly virtualize any backup, locally or in the cloud
  • Every backup is test booted daily

Why are file backup and cloud backup solutions alone not enough?

It’s important to understand the differences between file backup and cloud backup. Watch this short video to learn the difference and why each solution by itself is not enough.

Not all business continuity solutions are created equal

Data is increasing both in numbers as well as vitality. To that end, data backup alone is no longer enough to keep your business protected. Business continuity is the ultimate guard for your critical data and applications, keeping backed up data useable, non-corrupted and virus free. But with various business continuity solutions out there, it’s important that you know what to look for when choosing your solution. So stay informed by watching the video below.

What is instant virtualization?

Instant virtualization features a local device which takes a backup of your entire system at regular intervals with constant updates, validates all while storing image-based backup files as VMDKs, which contain all operating systems, software and files from your servers. Not seeing the big picture? Watch our video below to find out the essentials of instant virtualization.

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